About Us

Teodora Goods Company – might not be a family business, but certainly has a family influence on it. The founder of Teodora Goods is Ms. Dora Atadjanova. As a kid, she used to visit her father’s small factory where workers were unshelling nuts, sorting them out, washing and drying dried fruits and packing products for the further consumption.

After her work in foreign countries in a same industry, she decided to come back to hometown and run the business in the country of farms and gardens.

Teodora Goods team respects and keeps traditions of Central Asia, by showing our hospitality to all our customers who tend to visit us from time to time. But the team also has the rule – to provide all answers and services as soon as possible. We value our customers’ time.

We love our work. We enjoy it!

You are always welcome to enjoy the working process with us. Just send us your order , and we will handle the rest!