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About Us

Briefly about our company

Teodora Goods Company – might not be a family business, but certainly has a family influence on it. The founder of Teodora Goods is Ms. Dora Atadjanova. As a kid, she used to visit her father’s small factory where workers were unshelling nuts, sorting them out, washing and drying dried fruits and packing products for the further consumption.

After her work in foreign countries in a same industry, she decided to come back to hometown and run the business in the country of farms and gardens.

Teodora Goods team respects and keeps traditions of Central Asia, by showing our hospitality to all our customers who tend to visit us from time to time. But the team also has the rule – to provide all answers and services as soon as possible. We value our customers’ time.

We love our work. We enjoy it!

You are always welcome to enjoy the working process with us. Just send us your order, and we will handle the rest!

Questions and answers

1. What certificates do Uzbek exporters provide?

The standard set of certificates in Uzbekistan are:
– Certificate of origin
– Phyto-Certificate
– Hygiene certificate
Our partners often ask about the availability of the “Organic” certificate. The fact is, in Uzbekistan, no one can provide an organic certificate, because it takes at least 2 years after the application to receive it, and the demand for this certificate from our customers has appeared quite recently. However, we can offer two options: a laboratory conclusion either that there are no inorganic substances in the product, or we can provide a certificate from SGS Uzbekistan (representative office of the Swiss company), whose certificates also have an international standard.

2. Why the prices in the summer differ from the prices in the winter?

I think the answer to this question is quite predictable. With the onset of the season of a particular product, the supply increases, and accordingly prices fall. In Uzbekistan, most agricultural products are ripe in the summer.

3. Why is transportation more expensive than in other countries when exporting from Uzbekistan?

Sometimes we are asked why we can not send containers from Uzbekistan immediately by sea. We smile and reply that we do not have access to the sea in the country, and Uzbekistan is one of the two countries in the world whose closest access to the sea lies through two neighboring countries. But this year Uzbekistan creates new profitable ways for rail transportation. And also our company has its own machines, so we will try to find the best prices for you.

4. What should be done to keep nuts, dried fruits and other agricultural products longer?

In fact, the shelf life depends on many factors. Of course, the buyer himself must properly store the goods. Keep the goods at the recommended temperature. However, the protection of goods through fumigation also plays an important role. We are discussing with the client whether it is necessary to carry out fumigation for their order, but as a rule, we try to explain that fumigation is very important. It does not harm the body, but it protects the product from spoilage.

Our production


Fruit of the nut is a false drupe. Outside there is a green pericarp, which ripens (in May) and becomes black and detached from the drupes. In the drupe there is a seed in the peel. Under the skin is a seed oily nucleus. The fruit ripens in September.


Bean plants are a huge family belonging to dicotyledons. The legume family has more than 18 000 thousand varieties, which represent a variety of different genera. Legumes can be represented by trees, bushes, lianas, perennials and annuals.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are dried fruit or berries, with a residual moisture of about 20%. Drying either naturally (for example, in the sun), or using industrial methods (for example, using a dehydrator or a vegetable dryer).

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